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Resources + Policies

We provide a variety of resources and policies at Sapphic Events which aim to promote harm reduction and inclusivity. While we can never guarantee a Safe Space, we can guarantee a Brave Space. In a Brave Space, we want to empower each other to speak up if unwelcome behavior is occurring and if you see something, say something. Some of the resources and policies we provide at our events include: 


Explicit consent reminders. Our events begin with a general announcement from our host about consent and expectations, as well as definitions of consent. This is to ensure everyone is on the same page and actively informed of acceptable standards of behavior. These consent expectations are also included in our Instagram programming and ticketing page.


Community Guidelines. Our host explains to the crowd during every event that there is no racism, transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, fatphobia, ableism, or any other form of prejudice. Anyone reported as in violation of these expectations will be asked to leave. These guidelines are also included in our Instagram programming and ticketing page.


On-site professional security. Every event has security staff dedicated to the safety of attendees. We encourage you to seek out security in the moment if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at one of our events.


Cup covers and testing strips. Sapphic Events provides a number of cup covers and drink testing strips at the bar during events. Attendees are also encouraged to bring their own if they prefer. 


Color-coded bracelets. Our pink and yellow bracelet system further helps establish consent and expectations by allowing attendees to signal what kind of interaction they are open to. Pink bracelets mean you’re open to flirting, while yellow bracelets indicate you’re looking for friendship only.


Rotating talent. We utilize rotating DJs, burlesque performers, drag artists, go go dancers, aerialists, and more at our events. We prioritize booking talent from diverse backgrounds and experiences. 


Community events. We regularly promote queer events happening in Seattle on our social media story, and focus on promoting QTBIPOC events.  


COVID-19 precautions. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is recommended at all of our events, and we actively follow all guidelines set forth by Public Health authorities. We ask that attendees test before events, and stay home if they are feeling ill.


Audience polling. We currently select all of our event themes via Instagram question box suggestions, then have our audience vote on them. We also regularly poll our audience to determine other event factors such as: venues, dates, talent, and more.


Your feedback helps


If you have ideas regarding additional resources or policies Sapphic Events could provide, we would love to know. You can find a feedback form here on our website, or you can also contact us via our Instagram DMs, where our social media managers record the suggestions we receive. We appreciate you helping to support our small, queer-owned business!

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